Summer Mass Schedule

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Please note that our summer Sunday Mass schedule will operate from July 2nd/3rd to August 27th/28th as follows:

Vigil Mass: Saturday at 6.30pm
Sunday Masses: 9.30am & 11.00am

There are also changes to our weekday schedule during July and August, with a Service of the Word & Holy Communion each Wednesday at 10am, and no morning Mass on Saturdays. Normal Mass times will resume in September.

Click the link below to download a flyer containing details of Sunday and weekday Mass times in Holy Trinity Parish, and Sunday Mass times in neighbouring parishes.

  Summer Schedule of Masses 2016

Cemetery Masses 2016

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The annual masses for the cemeteries in our area will take place on the following dates:

Old Cemetery, Kilbarrack Sunday 29th May 2016 3pm (Prayers)
St. Fintan’s Cemetery, Sutton Sunday 12th June 2016 3pm
Fingal Cemetery, Balgriffin Sunday 19th June 2016 12pm
Glasnevin Cemetery Sunday 26th June 2016 3pm
Old Balgriffin Cemetery Sunday 3rd July 2016 12pm
Dardistown Cemetery Sunday 3rd July 2016 3pm

For more information, visit the Fingal County Council and Glasnevin Trust websites.

Pastors Desk: Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time / C

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Pastor’s Desk 26th June 2016 - Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time / C

follow-meToday’s readings are essentially about Gods call and our commitment in answer to that call. The first reading and the gospel ask for total commitment by us in complete freedom. It has to be done daily with a spirit of love as true disciples of Christ.

While he is on a journey to Jerusalem, Jesus meets a group of men who initially seem anxious to follow him but they fall short in their commitment. When he tells them to follow him one man asks for permission to go and bury his father first. Jesus quickly tells him to let others take care of the burial and follow him instead. Of course Jesus would always want us to take care and honour our families in life and death. What he is simply trying to do here is make it clear to the men that they should be aware of the harsh realities of life as a follower. The message is clear - if anything else stands in our way or takes priority in our lives, then we are not free to follow him.

Each day in work, at home, in the wider community we are challenged with a situation similar to these three young volunteers to serve the Lord through our daily interactions with others. That requires choices that are not always easy to make because they may conflict with loyalty to family and friends.

We pray for the grace to always follow him whole-heartedly without any doubt or reservation.

Fr. Gerry.

P.S. As this is the last Pastors Desk until September I wish you a pleasant and safe time during the summer holiday period.

Pastors Desk: Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time / C

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Pastor’s Desk 19th June 2016 - Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time / C

faith1“Who do you say that I am?”

St Francis of Assisi, who was a Deacon, once said:
“Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words”.

Today’s Gospel may be one of those occasions where words may be necessary. Jesus asks a question that each of us will have to answer at some point in our lives: “Who do you say that I am?”

You can imagine that if Sky News or CNN were around in the time of Jesus this is the very question that they would put to Jesus or to one of the Apostles.

“вАШThe Christ of God”: St Peter’s extraordinary profession of faith echoes down to us through the centuries. What would we say if we were asked the same question?

We are told in the Book of Kings that Elijah was able to identify God in a gentle breeze and, for sure, our own experience of God can be less dramatic than St Peter who knew him literally face to face. At mass, Jesus is present in the community of faith who are gathered, in the Word of God and in the Eucharist.

St Teresa of Avila tells us that she looked for God everywhere and finally found him within herself. So, let us ask ourselves today who we say Jesus is and what he means to us in the different circumstances of our own lives.

This is by no means an easy challenge to set ourselves. Archbishop Martin pointed out when speaking in Pro Cathedral this week:

“Many today find it difficult to find God because they are trapped in other alternatives, whether of their own making or because of a broader a culture which finds no need for God.”
Let us pray today that we may be given the grace to bring others to Jesus, especially those who may have lost their way or many be need of help or consolation.

Deacon Gerard Reilly

Pastors Desk: Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time / C

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Pastor’s Desk 12th June 2016 - Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time / C

forgivenessSometimes it is very difficult to seek forgiveness from someone we have hurt. Because it means we have to admit that we have done something wrong first. We can also be afraid to ask for forgiveness because we are frightened that the person we are asking will reject our request. Thankfully that’s not how God works. He knows our wrongdoing and is always willing to forgive when we come seeking it. We never have to worry that he will reject us.

At the beginning of mass today and each time we gather around the Lords table we are asked to pause briefly and reflect on how we may have offended God and in turn seek his forgiveness. Every occasion we pray the Our Father we also ask him to вАШForgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who have trespassed against us’. Not only are we asking for his forgiveness but we are promising to pass it on in turn to those who have offended us.

The Woman in today’s gospel, who is heavily burdened with sin is a good example to us all. She knows she has done wrong and that her faults and failings are well known in her community, yet she eventually finds peace and rest in Christ and is moved to tears by her experience. She is an inspiration to us all to do the same.

If we have truly experienced the love of God in our lives, then we are duty bound to forgive those who have hurt us. Christ does not say that it’s easy, but we must learn to forgive and free ourselves from the hurt.

Fr Gerry

Pastors Desk: Tenth Sunday of Ordinary Time / C

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Pastor’s Desk 5th June 2016 - Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time / C

god-of-surprisesThe Jesuit Author, Gerard W. Hughes, wrote a book called God of Surprises. It has sold 250,000 copies and has been translated into 20 languages. The book speaks about the inner spiritual journey and explains how we can find God in one of the most unlikely places, namely ourselves.

In our readings today, two very different people certainly encountered a God of Surprises. We are told in the First Reading that the Widow of Nain had her only son restored to her as a result of what seems to have been a chance encounter with Jesus. This is a moment of pure grace. Jesus does not ask anything of her, not even to repent of her sins, but grants a woman clearly in the most desperate of circumstances, the restoration of her only son to life.

And in the Second Reading, St Paul explains that he was not only indifferent to the Church, he was positively hostile to it. He tells us “You must have heard of my career as a practising Jew, how merciless I was in persecuting the Church of God”. Despite this Jesus shows him tremendous mercy and grace in a most unexpected way and he was later to become one of the central figures of the early Church.

We too should be open to such moments of grace in our own lives where God can genuinely surprise us. It may be an opportunity to experience the joy of nature and new life during the lovely sunny weather that we have been enjoying or to encounter God’s love through the support of a friend or neighbour.

I ask you to remember eight new Permanent Deacons from the Archdiocese in your prayers. Archbishop Martin will ordain them this Saturday in the Pro-Cathedral.

Deacon Gerard Reilly