Pastor's Desk: The Most Holy Trinity

Posted 30th May 2015 in Pastor's Desk

Pastor’s Desk 31st Mathe-holy-trinityy 2015 Holy Trinity Sunday

Happy Feast Day!
Welcome everyone to our Masses on this, the Feast Day of the parish, Holy Trinity Sunday. This feast day is always a very special day for us as a parish as we celebrate the Most Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Spirit, to whose care our community of faith is entrusted. What we know of the Holy Trinity is revealed to us by Jesus in his preaching and teaching. He tells us very clearly that the Father, Son and Spirit are one. They are three persons, one God. What is more, the Holy Trinity wishes to share their divine life with each of us through the out pouring of the Holy Spirit. By way of our Baptism and Confirmation we have been admitted into the internal life of the Trinity as an individual but called to celebrate our life of faith in community. This is no surprise given that the Holy Trinity is a community itself of three persons, open to others.

Lourdes Pilgrimage
I head off with over 30 parishioners on Monday on the annual Helping Hand pilgrimage to Lourdes. Please be assured that your intentions will be remembered at the Grotto.

Sunday Mass Schedule for July & August
We will be once again following a revised Mass schedule for the months of July & August to facilitate holidays and a reduced congregation. The revised times are listed below.

Sunday Mass times for July & August
Effective from 4/5 July - 29/30 August 2015

Saturday Vigil

Sunday Morning

Please note the 12.30pm Mass will return for the first weekend in September

Fr. Eoin

Pastor's Desk: Pentecost Sunday

Posted 23rd May 2015 in Pastor's Desk

untitled2A warm welcome everyone as today we celebrate the birthday of the Church, PENTECOST SUNDAY. When the Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles they were transformed from frightened men into powerful preachers of the Good News of Jesus Christ. They went out into the streets and proclaimed the Word of God fearlessly, so much so, that everyone gathered in Jerusalem heard them speak in their own language.

The Holy Spirit has been given to each one of us also and each of us has a part to play in fulfilling God’s plan for this parish. We can see this in the many volunteers who give of their time to carry out various Ministries in our Faith Community. We see it also in the people who contribute financially to the work of the parish and the diocese. We see it in the number of parishioners who come to Mass each Sunday, also each day and those who pray before the Blessed Sacrament during our Monday Adoration because without prayer as the foundation, we could achieve nothing in this world.

Why not pray the following prayer to the Holy Spirit this week: “Spirit of the living God, fall afresh on me.”

Fr. Eoin

Pastor's Desk: Feast of the Ascension

Posted 16th May 2015 in Pastor's Desk

A warm welcome everyone as we celebrate the Feast of the Ascension of the Lord Jesus into Heaven. How long after the resurrection it was when the ascension took place we do not know for sure as each Gospel treats it differently, but the effect was very real for the apostles. Jesus was now giving them a mission to continue and they would have to do it without His physical presence. However, they would not be left alone either because the Holy Spirit would be given to them after Jesus had left the apostles.

Marriage is important - reflect before you change it

The apostles had to learn to stand up for what they believed. The people of this State will be asked to do the same next Friday when we have the referendum on Marriage. We have had a long time to debate this question of changing the Constitutional understanding of Marriage to include same sex relationships. With all the political parties and all the national media outlets supporting the change, it can be hard to hear those advocating a NO vote. The Bishops have given us plenty to reflect on in their Meaning of Marriage newsletters. Do please take time to read them. Just some of the points they make are:

  • Married love is a unique form of love between a man and woman which has a special benefit for the whole of society.
  • Our understanding of marriage is deeply rooted in all cultures: it is not intended to exclude or disadvantage anyone.
  • To seek to re-define the nature of marriage would undermine it as the fundamental building block of our society.
  • Marriage should be reserved for the unique and complementary relationship between a woman and a man from which the generation and upbringing of children is uniquely possible.

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin recently pointed out, “It is also true that no person exists who is not the fruit of a male and a female. Even if it were possible to clone a child, that child would still bear the genetic imprint of a male and a female. Genetic parentage is not irrelevant.” I personally will be voting NO next Friday on this important question for our society.

Fr Eoin

Cemetery Masses 2015

Posted 11th May 2015 in Ceremonies

The annual masses for the cemeteries in our area will take place on the following dates:

Old Cemetery, Kilbarrack Sunday 31st May 2015 3pm (Prayers)
St. Fintan’s Cemetery, Sutton Sunday 14th June 2015 3pm
Fingal Cemetery, Balgriffin Sunday 21st June 2015 12pm
Glasnevin Cemetery Sunday 28th June 2015 3pm
Old Balgriffin Cemetery Sunday 5th July 2015 12pm
Dardistown Cemetery Sunday 5th July 2015 3pm

For more information, visit the Fingal County Council and Glasnevin Trust websites.

Pastor's Desk: Sixth Sunday of Easter

Posted 9th May 2015 in Pastor's Desk

Some people today would have you believe that Jesus didn’t lay down any conditions for His followers to abide by other than be loving so it is open to everyone to follow Jesus any way they want. But that would not be true. We see very clearly in today’s Gospel that Jesus says some very beautiful things to those who want to be His followers. Firstly, He tells us that “as the Father has loved me, so I have loved you”. Think about that. That bond of love between Jesus and the Father has been opened up to us, we share it too. Then He says, “If you keep my commandments you will remain in my love”. So Jesus has given us commandments, Do’s and Don’ts that we should follow. Jesus has a very clear understanding of what His followers should be like.

friends1Flor McCarthy puts it like this:

Don’t return evil for evil. Nothing is achieved by retaliation.
Don’t judge others. Only God knows the full facts.
Don’t condemn your neighbour.
Don’t store up earthly treasures for yourselves. God is not impressed by them.

Do love your enemies, not just friends and cronies.
Do give and you will receive.
Do forgive others fully and you will be forgiven yourself.
Do this in memory of me, celebrate the Mass each week to strengthen your faith.

Let us ask the Lord to help us follow His Commandments, His ways.
Fr. Eoin

First Communions:
We congratulate the boys & girls of BET NS who received their First Eucharist last Sunday. Today we welcome and congratulate the girls and boys of Scoil BhrГ­de who will receive their First Eucharist at the 11.00am Mass. We ask the Lord to keep them close to Him all their lives. The remaining First Communion Masses are as follows:

Sunday May 17th 11.00am Mass
(St. Kevin’s JNS pupils)

Sunday May 24th 12.30pm Family Mass
(St. Francis of Assisi PS pupils)