Pastors Desk: Fifth Sunday of Lent / B

Posted 17th March 2018 in Pastor's Desk

Pastor’s Desk 18th March 2018 - Fifth Sunday of Lent / B

fifth-sunday-of-lentAs we enter the final weeks of our Lenten journey we hear Jesus indicate that the time has come for the Son of Man to be glorified. Jesus was trying to explain to his apostles that it is by his suffering and death that he is bringing life and liberation to the world.

At our annual November Mass for all who have died and been buried from our parish in the previous 12 months we encourage everyone to take home a daffodil bulb and plant it in memory of their loved one. Over time something that now appears to be dead will start to come to life once more and bring forth a beautiful flower for us to admire and enjoy in the spring. Today Jesus reminds us that a seed is of no use unless it is planted so that it can bring forth a harvest. He used this image to predict the fate that was awaiting him.

Sacrifice is an important part of daily living on many levels. For example, a candle can only give light by burning the wick and melting the wax. Loving parents sacrifice lots so that their children can enjoy a better life than they themselves had.

In Lent and particularly in Holy Week we are given the opportunity to focus on Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice for us all, his passion, the message of the cross and most importantly his triumph over death.

Today’s Gospel challenges us to sacrifice our security, success and choose the service of God and others even if it hurts.

Fr Gerry

St. Patrick's Day

Posted 11th March 2018 in Ceremonies


Next Saturday 17th March is St. Patrick’s Day. Masses in Holy Trinity will be as follows:

Vigil Mass: 6.30 pm Friday evening

Mass: 10.00 am Saturday morning

Shamrock will be blessed at both Masses.

The Vigil Mass of Sunday will be celebrated at 6.30 pm on Saturday evening as usual.

Pastors Desk: Fourth Sunday of Lent / B

Posted 10th March 2018 in Pastor's Desk

Pastor’s Desk 11th March 2018 - Fourth Sunday of Lent / B

let-it-shineAs days and weeks pass the hours of daylight increase. Sunrise is slightly earlier each day with brighter early mornings, and we can see a ‘stretch’ in the evenings, as it gradually gets darker later. It’s important to recognise how daylight affects our overall health and sense of wellbeing.

In today’s gospel, during a conversation, Jesus tells Nicodemus that God loved the world so much he was prepared to give his only son to ‘be lifted up’ so that those who believed in him may have a share in eternal life, a life after death. It was through his son and that sacrifice on the cross that all in the world would be saved. The love that we have for others comes nowhere near the love that God has for each one of us.

We can all go through periods of darkness and despair in our lives. That space can sometimes be created by situations of our making or ones that we don’t ask for, but which life sends our way. Either way they are not good places for us to dwell for too long as they prevent us from living life to the full as the Lord intended for each of us.

Today he warns that there are those who prefer to live in darkness for fear their evil deeds might be exposed. As followers, Jesus is the light that leads each of us forward. However, when we live by the truth we can confidently come out into the light and show that all our actions are done in God.

This Lent, may we have the courage to step out of the ways of darkness into the light of Christ.

Fr Gerry

Adverse Weather Conditions

Posted 28th February 2018 in Announcements

For the health and safety of all concerned, the Archdiocese has advised that due to the adverse weather conditions we are currently experiencing masses should be cancelled in all parishes.

To that end, there will be no 10am Mass on Friday or Saturday morning in Holy Trinity or St. Paul’s parishes.

We expect that mass times will return to normal from the vigil masses on Saturday evening 3rd March. The Government have warned people to stay indoors from tomorrow afternoon until Friday evening to avoid the ‘blizzard conditions’ expected.

A Penance Service for Confirmation children scheduled for Thursday 1st March has also been cancelled. Parents have been informed by text.

Fr. Gerry

Novena of Grace 2018

Posted 27th February 2018 in Events

This year’s Novena of Grace takes place from Sunday 4th March to Monday 12th March in Holy Trinity Church.

Novena Masses: Sunday 11.30am, Monday to Friday 7.30pm, Saturday 6.30pm

Our guest speaker this year is Fr Vincent O’Hara ODC. Click here for full details of the Novena of Grace.

Parking in the church grounds is limited: additional free parking is available in Donaghmede Shopping Centre, by kind permission of the centre management.