Pastor's Desk: 4th Sunday of Easter

Posted 2nd May 2009 in Pastor's Desk

Welcome friends as we begin the month of May. I am writing this piece a day earlier than usual because of our Parish Confirmation Day. We congratulate the boys & girls on all the work they have done in preparation and also their teachers for all they do in our parish primary schools. Ms. Annette O’Brien, Principal of Scoil Cholmcille, and Mr. Jerry Grogan, Principal of Holy Trinity School, deserve our thanks for the leadership they provide and the care and attention they give to their pupils.

End of the Year of Vocations
This Sunday is Vocations Sunday, a time when we reflect on the vocation each one has as a result of our baptism. The Church in Ireland has been celebrating the Year of Vocations since the Fourth Sunday of Easter last year till this Sunday. The Year has been an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to enter into our minds and hearts and help all realise how we are called to serve Jesus Christ. Some of the ways of serving are very visible at Mass like Ministers of the Word, Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist or music ministry but there are many other ways that people serve that is less obvious. I am thinking in particular of those who pray before the Blessed Sacrament each Monday. Unless we have a powerhouse of prayer behind all we do as a parish, we will not succeed. The cleaners and flower arrangers do a magnificent job week in week out without any one seeing them do it. Yet if it didn’t happen, we wouldn’t be long in noticing. The thirty or so Faith Friends who have been working with the Confirmation families is another invaluable ministry in our parish. They have been the welcoming face of our Faith Community to the girls & boys and their families. We think of the RCIA group who prepared Dorothy Reilly for Initiation in the Faith and Confirmation at the Easter Vigil and many other groups and individuals who do so much. We are very lucky to have a generous parish community but there is always room for more people to lend a hand. How is the Lord calling you to help build up His Community?

Priesthood Sunday
Next Sunday is Priesthood Sunday and we will have the annual collection for the seminarians training to be priests in this diocese of Dublin. Archbishop Martin at the Mass of Chrism on Holy Thursday said very clearly, “DUBLIN NEEDS PRIESTS”. During the coming week we might pray that those who are called to ministry as priests would be generous in answering that call.

Fr. Eoin

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