Cemetery Masses 2009

Posted 9th June 2009 in Ceremonies

Mass will be celebrated in the cemeteries listed below over the coming Sundays. Mass begins at 3pm in each case.

14 June 2009: St. Fintan’s, Sutton

21 June 2009: Old Balgriffin

28 June 2009: Fingal

28 June 2009: Glasnevin

5 July 2009: Dardistown

5 July 2009: Malahide

For a full list of masses and prayers in Fingal County Council cemeteries, please follow this link or download the file below. Contact numbers for Fingal County Council cemeteries are here.

  Cemetery Masses 2009

For a full list of masses in Glasnevin Group cemeteries, please follow this link. Contact numbers for Glasnevin Group cemeteries are here.

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