Pastor's Desk: 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted 26th June 2009 in Pastor's Desk

Fr. Joe Collins 30th Anniversary

Welcome everyone and I hope you all got a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather we had this week! I would like to welcome among us this Sunday Noreen Keane and Ailish & Michael Dinnane who are the sisters and brother-in-law of Fr. Joe Collins, our beloved, first Parish Priest. This Sunday at the 11.00am Mass we will remember Fr. Joe very especially on this the 30th anniversary of his death. I have been amazed since my arrival in the parish 3 years ago with the real affection and admiration there is for Fr. Joe from so many parishioners. Nearly everyone you meet has a story to tell of his kindness to them personally or how he did so much for this community when it was starting out. He was certainly the right man at the right time and, as I have said before, we are the beneficiaries of his good work in establishing the parish. We are reaping what he has sown and it has borne much fruit, and long may it continue to do so. Please see the pictorial display at the back of the church put together by Bernard Byrne. 

Ordinations and Parish Pastoral Workers

I received an invitation to the diocesan ordination Mass for Saturday 27th June (yesterday, as you read this) in the Pro Cathedral. The reason why is not because I know Rev. Aloysius Zuribo who is being ordained to the priesthood because the truth is I don’t, but because also at that Mass, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin will commission the first group of Parish Pastoral Workers for ministry in the diocese. Our parish has, of course, been part of the preparation of two of the candidates, namely James Daly and Niamh Morris who worked with many of our parish groups during their placements here this past year. James and Niamh will be commissioned for ministry in the diocese so I would ask you to keep them in your prayers. In the coming weeks the successful candidates will receive appointments from the Archbishop to individual parishes or groups of parishes. As there are not enough priests available to the Archbishop, I think we will have to accept that Holy Trinity Parish will not be getting a second curate during this summer’s changes but we have completed an application for a full time Parish Pastoral Worker so we hope to hear something about that in the coming weeks.


Spare a thought for Fr. Gary today as he sees his home county crash out of the Leinster Championship in their match against Dublin. We promise not to brag too much!!   Have a great & safe week.

Fr. Eoin 

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