Pastor's Desk: 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted 11th July 2009 in Pastor's Desk

Last Saturday morning 4th july under the responsibility of our Family Mass team, our Altar Servers and children from the Family Mass group spent a few hours in Clara Lara, Co Wicklow. Unfortunately the weather was not so good, however the boys and girls enjoyed themselves, as did the adults, and it was our way of saying a BIG THANK YOU to them, for all their commitment and hard work over the last year. As we all take a break for the summer we look forward to starting back in September. 

There is a famous Japanese proverb or saying ‘one kind word can warm three months’. A true statement indeed. One word spoken in kindness can penetrate your very hearts so deeply. To this end we all need to know that we are not alone in this world, our existence has a meaning and purpose, which is found through the normal channels of life. Nevertheless it’s through the love of God that we are all held precious and find our ultimate meaning and fulfilment. It is through his kind and challenging words that our spirits find and bring to them the warmth of feeling loved and cared for. That is the example we are set and in our own ways we are asked to bring alive that example, we are sent by God to bring Christ to another person, if you question how you can do this then you are denying the presence of christ within you. So be that kind word- that gentle smile - that helping hand and that spirit of hospitality and warmth in the week that is ahead if us all. So take up the challenge of the week’s gospel and see how far you can get with it!

Just a thought!

By Sunday evening we will know if Dublin is the real Deal or not this year, as Kildare will surely give them a good test in this years Leinster final. Will it be five in a row for Dublin adding to the previous forty eight senior leinster titles, the first of which was won in 1891, or will Kildare add to the thirteen they have, the last of which was won in the year 2000?

In the world of qualifiers I hope that Westmeath would have drawn Roscommon, but that was not to be!

Spare a thought for the hurlers of Tipperary and Waterford as they contest their Provincial title this coming Sunday. I think the men from the Premier County will be too strong. Anyway, may the best teams win!

So as we say goodbye to one week and welcome in another may the lord go with each and every one of us, our gamilies and friends. God bless.


Fr. Gary


No weekend evening mass for July/August

Please note that during the summer we will have only one daily Mass in the church, which will be celebrated at 10.00am, Monday to Friday. Our evening Mass returns on the 1st September.


Fr. Eoin


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