Pastor’s Desk: 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted 18th July 2009 in Pastor's Desk


On Tuesday last 14th July the Church celebrated the feast day of St. Camillus De Lellis, who as you know founded the Order of St. Camillus, the group I spent eighteen years of my life with. Given that association St. Camillus will always have a special place in my heart.

Camillus was born in Bucchianico a small village north of Rome in 1550. He was the son of an officer and as a young child he suffered the heartache of losing his mother. At the age of eighteen Camillus became a soldier where his life took a gradual turn towards the trappings of society. He developed a drink problem and became a compulsive gambler. By the year 1574 Camillus was penniless and in a very poor state of mind.

During his time in the army he suffered very bad wounds to the leg. When he eventually left the army and consequently in dealing with his own sickness he found himself having a huge empathy towards those who were sick and this indeed was the beginning of his conversion experience. Camillus began to devote himself to the sick and after a course of studies he was ordained a Priest, consequently with two fellow Priest’s, and under the authority of Pope Gregory XIV he started what is now the Order of St. Camillus.

Camillus died in 1614, was canonised in 1746 and in 1930 Pope Pius XI named St. Camillus together with St. John of God, principal co-patrons of the sick.

Gospel message.

In this weeks gospel Jesus is seen as having compassion on the crowd that is in need of teaching and guidance. He thought them with authority, which is confirmed by His miracles. What this tells us is that Jesus is the shepherd us of His people, he looks upon us with tenderness and guides us through the pathways of life. Let us therefore take this opportunity to renew our trust in His ways and once again place our entire lives before His presence.

Just a thought.

Well done to the Dub’s on their fine win last Sunday, it’s just a small matter now of bringing that same belief into the business end of the championship. I’m sure Fr. Eoin is saying one or two prayers for that to happen!

To those golfing fans amongst us all eyes this weekend will be turned to Turnberry, Scotland for the British Open. Let’s hope the Irish lads do well.

Enjoy the week ahead and keep safe.

God bless.

Fr. Gary.

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