Pastor's Desk: 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted 29th August 2009 in Pastor's Desk

Welcome everyone to Trinity News, and I have lot of news to convey this week. First of all, if I look a little more frazzled and stressed than normal, I have a very good reason for it; I have just moved house this week!! I am surrounded by boxes galore and I am currently opening them to see where everything is. Anyone who has experienced a move themselves will know what it is like and it will certainly take a while to sort myself out, so the frazzled look may remain a bit longer!! You would think it gets easier the more moves you make. I should be an expert by now as this is my third move since I was appointed to Holy Trinity Parish 3 years ago. My first move was to the Bungalow as Curate with responsibility for the new developing areas; then I moved to Belmayne a year later to be in the new developments; and now back to Grangemore Grove but this time to the Parochial House. I hope the Archbishop will let me settle down now for many more years to come.

Fr. Patrick Eyinla
Whatever about the Archbishop forgetting about me for while, he certainly has Holy Trinity Parish on his mind, as he has decided to give Fr. Patrick a new appointment as Parish Chaplain in Clonskeagh effective from Monday 31st August 2009. This will be Fr. Patrick’s last Sunday with us. Fr. Patrick came to us last November, to assist in the Parish in the wake of the parish losing a curate when Fr. Collier became too ill to take up an appointment here. I thank Fr. Patrick for his help during his time here and I wish him every success and happiness in his ministry in Clonskeagh, and in his further studies. I am happy to say we will be receiving a replacement for Fr. Patrick but he will not be arriving till mid September and I will tell you more about him then.

Parish Pastoral Workers
You will remember that last year we hosted James Daly and Niamh Morris as Candidate Parish Pastoral Workers on their placements while they were completing the diocese’s one-year course. Well, they have now been successfully Commissioned for Ministry in the diocese and have received their appointments; Niamh has been sent to Balbriggan and James to Bray. We will continue to remember them in our prayers. Our application for one of the fully qualified PPWs was, unfortunately, unsuccessful this year, but I have been asked to take Candidates in training again, which I am happy to do. The new intake will be assigned to parishes in early September.

Finally, it is “back to school” time for all our Parish Primary Schools! Please note that the schools open on TUESDAY 1st September for the start of the new school year, so the children can enjoy their last free day on Monday!

Have a great week.
Fr. Eoin

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