Pastor's Desk: 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted 19th September 2009 in Pastor's Desk

Welcome everyone to our Sunday Liturgies. Last week I gave you the name of our new Candidate Parish Pastoral Worker, Mr. Kevin Mullally, and I am delighted that you will get a chance to meet Kevin today as he introduces himself at our Masses. Kevin is here on placement while he pursues the Diocesan Course in Mater Dei for Parish Pastoral Workers. His time among us is 20 hours a week between now and January. Kevin has many talents and abilities that will make him a great asset to the Parish and his enthusiasm is infectious. I have asked Kevin to look at the area of young adult involvement in the parish, in particular, linking up with the three second level schools within our parish. We hope that Kevin will be very happy among us on his placement.

Mr. Paul Ludden – Seminarian
I have also been asked to take a student for the priesthood on placement from this week till next May, which I am very happy to do. Our Seminarian is Paul Ludden who is from Yellow Walls in Malahide and he has just started his fourth year in the National Seminary of Maynooth, studying to be a priest of the Dublin Diocese. The fourth year is a Pastoral Theology Year which means that like Kevin above, Paul has to juggle academic courses while also being in a parish and experiencing the realities there. He will be in Maynooth studying and attending lectures from Sunday to Wednesday morning and then live with us here in Holy Trinity Parish from Wednesday to Sunday. Please give Paul a warm welcome to the parish when you see him during the week.

It is a great honour for the parish to be asked to take those preparing for Ministry in the diocese on placement. Our Parish is seen as a good place for experiencing the realities of modern parochial life while also being a place where there will be a good support system and a friendly environment to work in. We will keep Kevin and Paul very much in our prayers.

Fr. Donald McLoughlin
I haven’t finished with new arrivals yet!! On Thursday I received a letter from Archbishop Diarmuid Martin appointing Fr. Donald as Parish Chaplain to Holy Trinity Parish. Fr. Donald is a newly ordained priest and was ordained during the month of July in his home diocese of Johannesburg, South Africa. He is in his 40s and has done all his seminary training in Maynooth College. He returns to Ireland to complete his License in Theology and will reside here in the parish and assist us a Parish Chaplain. I am very grateful to Archbishop Martin for appointing Fr. Donald to us as we are really feeling the absence of a second curate in this large parish. Fr. Donald is not a curate and so will not be fulltime in the parish but his assistance will be a welcome addition to the Team.

Have a great week ahead. I am off to Lourdes with the Parish Pilgrimage for the week and will remember all your intentions there.

Fr. Eoin

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