Pastor's Desk: 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted 3rd October 2009 in Pastor's Desk

Welcome everyone on this first Sunday of October. I don’t know about you, but this year seems to flying by very quickly for me. I am obviously getting older!! My thanks go to Fr. Gary for keeping this space going last week while I was in Lourdes on pilgrimage. We had a wonderful time over there and remembered the entire parish at the Grotto. I want to congratulate Louisa O’Connor for organising the pilgrimage so well in what has been a very difficult year for her personally. I hope now Louisa, you get a chance for a good rest.

Click here for a list of opportunitiesVolunteering Sunday
This Sunday is also a very important Sunday in the life of our parish as it is our Volunteering Sunday. Today, at all Masses, everyone will be asked to volunteer for the many groups we have active in our parish. A parish is a community of faith and it can only continue to offer service to its members when everyone contributes in some way. For some of you, maybe your situation has changed, the children are all grown up and have fled the nest; possibly you have retired recently or the current economic situation has affected your job or you want to get involved in the community since you have recently moved in. Whatever the reason, we want you to give some of your time, energy and giftedness for the benefit of this parish community. We have plenty of ways you can help from stewarding at Mass, helping with Baptisms, cleaning our beautiful church, reading the Word of God at Mass or becoming a Minister of the Eucharist, joining a choir, playing a musical instrument, etc., so don’t say there is nothing that interests you!

One thing that can prevent people putting themselves forward is the fact that they don’t know all that is involved. We want to assure you that appropriate training will be given to all volunteers. No one will be expected to start off right away without being prepared for any of the tasks. We want people to feel confident in their roles, not awkward.

Be generous
The only reason we have so many active groups in our parish is because people give of their time generously. If we are to continue to provide these services into the future then new blood is necessary. Don’t look around the church to see who is putting themselves forward; this is your responsibility. People often say, “I was never asked to join anything, that is why I am not involved”. No one can say that now. This is your time and your opportunity to make a difference to the life of this parish. Please be generous!

Have a great week.
Fr. Eoin

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