Pastor's Desk: Mission Sunday

Posted 17th October 2009 in Pastor's Desk

Mission Sunday
Welcome everyone as we celebrate with the worldwide Church this year’s Mission Sunday. The theme this year is “Reach Out”, which reminds us that the Gospel message of Jesus Christ is not something to be held personally and exclusively but always needs to be shared with others. That is a task for the local parish as well as the Universal Church. However, there will always be a need to send people from home to the poorest and most deprived areas of the world so that the message of Jesus Christ is heard anew. This Sunday we remember and celebrate those women and men who have dedicated their lives to this calling and remember those they work with to build up the Kingdom of God.

The sacrifice and personal danger that our Missionaries expose themselves to was made very clear to us in the kidnapping of Fr. Michael Sinnott in the Philippines this past week. Fr. Sinnott is a member of the Columban Fathers who have a community house here in the parish. We pray for his safe return and remember his brother priests, Fr. Pat here in the parish, and the Columban Fathers worldwide, during this anxious time.

Mass Census 2009
Last Sunday, all parishes in the Archdiocese of Dublin were asked to carry out a census of Mass attendance. I want to thank the Stewards at our Masses, and those who assisted them, for carrying out the census so discreetly that the liturgy was not disturbed. This is the second year in a row that a census has been carried out and on both occasions it was the second Sunday of October. The results for this parish, for both years, are shown below.

Mass Census 2008 2009
Saturday Vigil 259 158
Sunday 9.30am 142 166
Sunday 11.00am 240 216
Sunday 12.30pm 396 542
Sunday 5.30pm 112 143
Belmayne 11.00am 17 13
Total 1166 1238

Our Church holds roughly 600 people seated so it means only at one Mass did we exceed 50% capacity. The Mass census information from all parishes in the diocese will help the Diocesan Boundaries Commission suggest to the Archbishop the best distribution of priests across the diocese and the number of Masses that are required. As you are aware, the number of priests in the diocese is decreasing annually due to retirement, incapacity, death, etc., while the number being ordained remains in the ones or twos. Please continue to pray for vocations to the Priesthood.

Have a great week.
Fr. Eoin

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