Pastor's Desk: Feast of Christ the King

Posted 21st November 2009 in Pastor's Desk

Welcome everyone. Today we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King on this, the last Sunday of the Church’s year. I will say more about that later.

Fewer Priests
Last Saturday Archbishop Diarmuid Martin was preaching in the Pro-Cathedral on the Feast of St. Lawrence O’Toole, principal patron of the Dublin Diocese. He used the occasion to speak about a number of areas affecting the diocese, notably the pending Dublin Report which catalogues the failings of the diocese in the area of Child Protection, but also the current number of priests ministering in the diocese and the immediate future for our diocese. He said, “There are many changes which are facing us in the Archdiocese of Dublin. The average age of priests is growing. We have 46 priests over 80 and only 2 less than 35 years of age. In a very short time we will just have the bare number of priests required to have one active priest for each of our 199 parishes. This will require very different ways in which priests will have to exercise their ministry and interact with each other. Priesthood is not an individual gift; it is always a fellowship of priests around the Bishop. The future will require different structures and different planning. Parishes will have to work more closely with each other and share facilities. The number of Masses will have to be rationalised. Some of these changes will cause pain.”

Holy Trinity Parish is not immune from these changes and today, as was announced a few weeks ago, we will celebrate our last Mass in the Information Centre in Belmayne. I started the Mass two years ago and at that time, I was curate with responsibility for the new developments in Clongriffin and Balgriffin. There were also two priests full time in the parish as well as a Parish Chaplain so I could dedicate myself full time to that ministry. As all are aware, we lost a priest last summer in the diocesan changes and while we have kept on the Mass in Belmayne, it has been difficult to always find a Priest available during holiday time to cover our six Sunday Masses. I want to thank all who contributed to the Mass in Belmayne and in particular, Sr. Mary, who has been a constant source of support and pastoral welcome each week since the Mass started. Many people were made to feel part of the parish and very welcome through the wonderful work of Sr. Mary, both as they arrived and particularly at the cup of tea/coffee after the Mass.

Christ the King
This will not be the last time the number of Masses will have to be addressed in this parish, but rather than being downcast we should remind ourselves of today’s feast, Christ the King. It reminds us that our faith is in Jesus Christ who has dominion over all things, and however our church changes that will always be the same.

Have a great week
Fr. Eoin

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