Pastor's Desk: Fourth Sunday of Advent

Posted 19th December 2009 in Pastor's Desk

Welcome everyone, as we mark the Fourth Sunday of Advent. Personally, I find it hard to believe how quickly the weeks have gone since we lit that first Advent candle; I’m sure many of you feel the same. This Fourth Sunday, we always produce our newsletter “in-house” as Future Print, our regular printers, prepare the special Christmas Day edition. Our newsletter is the envy of all the parishes in the diocese for the quality of its production, so our thanks to Future Print for all they do for us throughout the year.

Our time of waiting is nearly over; the advent of the Christ is almost here. Our readings today reflect that joy and excitement of the imminent birth of Jesus. In the first reading from the prophet Micah, we have the promise of great things to come. And yet it singles out, not the great cities and towns of Israel, but the lowly town of Bethlehem that all eyes should look to.

That theme of humility is also evident in the Gospel where the central characters are Mary and Elizabeth and their unborn children in the womb, Jesus and John. Mary has just had the extraordinary experience of the Annunciation when the angel Gabriel told her she would be the mother of the Messiah and that He would be great and would be called Son of the Most High. The first chance Mary gets to verify anything the angel has said is this encounter with Elizabeth. Mary gives us an example of how we should live our faith; in humility and the service of others. As a Church, we pray for that gift this Christmas.

Fr. Eoin

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