Pastor's Desk: 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted 23rd January 2010 in Pastor's Desk

Welcome everyone to our Sunday liturgies. Our Gospel today is a very powerful text from Luke’s Gospel where Jesus visits his home town and is invited to read the sacred scripture. Jesus is offered the scroll of the prophet Isaiah and reads the beautiful passage which says:

“The spirit of the Lord has been given to me, for he has anointed me.
He has sent me to bring the good news to the poor,
to proclaim liberty to captives and to the blind new sight,
to set the downtrodden free,
to proclaim the Lord’s year of favour”.

Shockingly, Jesus tells the congregation, his childhood neighbours, that “this text is being fulfilled even as you listen”. What Jesus says to them he says to us. This year is the Lord’s Year of Favour. It can be hard for us to see this with so many worries and uncertainties in our individual lives but it is true, this is the Lord’s year of favour.

And there is more; each one of us has a role to play in the year of favour. In our second reading St. Paul speaks about the human body and its constituent parts. Taken in isolation the parts are not much use but put them together and you have a formidable entity. We are the means by which the Lord’s Year of Favour is going to be actualised; what we say and do as individuals is vitally important.

In this Year of Evangelisation each one of us is called to be a “part of the body”. Each one of us has a role to play. A committee has been formed under the chairmanship of Fr. Gary to plan initiatives for the Year of Evangelisation but they need each of us to play our part if the year is to be a success. So when you hear of events being put together, don’t leave it to others to attend or offer support, YOU are needed yourself!

Pastoral Placements

As you will recall our parish was asked to take those preparing for ministry in our diocese on placement again this year and we welcomed among us in September last Kevin Mullally as a Candidate Pastoral Worker and Paul Ludden who is studying in Maynooth. Well the time has come for them to move on to other pastures. Paul leaves us this Sunday and Kevin finishes up next Sunday so we can say more about Kevin then. I want to thank Paul for the work he did here in the parish, particularly in relation to schools and assisting at Mass and funerals. Many of you would have got to know him during his time here and will want to join with me in wishing him every happiness, health and success for the future.

I am away for my “Christmas” break over these days but will be back for next Sunday.
Have a great week.
Fr. Eoin

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