Pastor's Desk: World Day for Migrants & Refugees

Posted 16th January 2010 in Pastor's Desk

Welcome everyone and thank God we have a very different landscape to the one that greeted us last Sunday! That said, our problems continue with the water shortage of all things being the next thing to challenge us. This is certainly proving to be a tough winter.

Day for Migrants & Refugees

Today, the Church around the world celebrates a Day for Migrants and Refugees. It is an opportunity for us to remember those people who have had to leave their homeland for economic and security reasons. Ireland has a long history of emigration and we as a nation know the pain of separation. I am sure each of you who are reading this piece has had a family member set up a new life in another country. I am thinking today of my sister in Vancouver, Canada and my nephew in the Isle of Man. We also remember those who have arrived on our shores with the same hopes and dreams of creating a better life for themselves and their families. St. Paul in today’s second reading speaks about the variety of gifts that each of us have received from God and there is no doubt that our Parish Community has benefitted from the presence among us of those from different lands. The theme of this year’s Day for Migrants and Refugees is the children who have to make that journey. For them there can be many dangers as we see from our own Social Worker Reports; many children have gone missing from State Care in recent years and their fate is unknown. Let us support all migrants to our country with our prayers this day.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Tomorrow is the first day in the octave of prayer for Christian unity from the 18th–25th January. At no time has the need for greater unity of all who claim to be followers of Jesus Christ been more necessary. Our disunity is an affront to the wish of Jesus that his followers may be One. Across many fronts there has been a lot of progress made in clarifying and emphasising what we hold in common; indeed, Pope Benedict has made this a central task of his pontificate. In our diocese of Dublin we see a lot of collaboration between Archbishop Martin and Archbishop Neill of the Church of Ireland. At a parish level we have a very good rapport. Our prayer over the next eight days is that we will build on these good foundations and that we will be led in the way that Jesus would wish us to go.

Have a great week.
Fr. Eoin


Irish Episcopal Council for Immigrants

Today is Refugee and Migrant Sunday when we are reminded to celebrate with thanks the diversity of peoples in Ireland. The Church, like the nation, is made up of peoples from many different countries with different languages and customs. We are also invited today to pray for migrants and refugees that they may be welcomed warmly into our midst. This year’s World Day for Migrants theme – “Minor migrants and refugees” – touches an aspect that Christians view with great attention, remembering the most vulnerable people in our midst, children. Children are dependant on others for food, shelter, and guidance. Children often suffer the most in times of trial and difficulty. Guide and bring those children who are strangers in our land to a place of peace and safety and help us comfort them and bring help in their time of need.


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