Pastor's Desk: 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted 13th February 2010 in Pastor's Desk

Welcome everyone to our Masses on this, the last Sunday before Lent begins. Our Gospel today is one that is very familiar to us; it is Luke’s version of the Beatitudes. We are probably more familiar with Matthew’s version which lists eight Beatitudes whereas Luke only gives us four and four antitheses. While the two gospels differ is some ways the ultimate meaning remains the same in both. For the Jews, a person’s standing before God was shown in the blessings they enjoyed in this life; wealth, power, public standing etc. Jesus now turns all that on its head and tells people that God’s favour is to be found among the poor, the hungry, those who are weeping and those who are despised by their fellow man because of their faith in God. This was really radical thinking for that time and in fact is also radical today. We can only live this kind of life if we put our trust in God and that is the message of our first reading today.

Valentine’s Day

Many of you will be celebrating your love for one another today on what is commonly called St. Valentine’s Day but, as you probably already know, St. Valentine was dropped from the Church’s calendar of Saints in 1969. This is what the online Catholic Encyclopaedia has to say; “At least three different Saint Valentines, all of them martyrs, are mentioned in the early martyrologies under the date of 14 February. One is described as a priest at Rome, another as bishop of Interamna (modern Terni), and these two seem both to have suffered in the second half of the third century and to have been buried on the Flaminian Way. Of the third Saint Valentine, who suffered in Africa with a number of companions, nothing further is known.” Because there was so little factual information, the feast of St. Valentine was dropped. But where did the link with romance come from? It seems that it was from authors in England and France noting that the birds seem to pair off from around St. Valentine’s Day i.e. midway through the second month of the year. “For this reason the day was looked upon as specially consecrated to lovers and as a proper occasion for writing love letters and sending lovers’ tokens.”

Wedding Bells!!

Love is definitely in the air in Holy Trinity as Maureen, our Candidate Parish Pastoral Worker, prepares for her wedding day which takes place this coming Friday, 19th February, back home in Merseyside. Maureen is marrying Jim Darcy who hails from Co. Tipperary and I know the whole Parish joins me in congratulating Maureen and Jim and wishing them every happiness for the future.

Ash Wednesday and Lent

Please see the panel below for details of Masses and other services for Lent.

Have a great week.
Fr. Eoin

Haiti Collection

I want to thank everyone who contributed to last week’s special collection for Haiti which took place at all our Sunday Masses. The extraordinarily generous sum of €6,883 was collected in our parish. At a time when finances at home are under strain it is wonderful to see such generosity and concern for others.
Fr. Eoin

Ash Wednesday & the Lenten Season

1. Wednesday next is Ash Wednesday and so begins the Season of Lent. Ashes will be blessed and distributed at three Masses: a special 7.15am Mass on Ash Wednesday only, and the normal 10.00am and 7.30pm Masses. Ash Wednesday is a day of FAST and ABSTINENCE. Weekday Masses during the season of Lent will be at 10.00am and 7.30pm, Monday to Friday.

2. Each Monday during Lent, you might like to come to church for a time of personal prayer and reflection before the Blessed Sacrament exposed on the Altar from 10.30am to 7.15pm.

3. Night Prayer of the Church will be celebrated after the 7.30pm Mass each weekday evening.

4. The TROCAIRE Lenten boxes are available at the doors of the church for those families who did not get one through the schools.

Temperance Sunday

Today is known as Temperance Sunday. We are asked to pray for all those who suffer with an addiction to drink and drugs and for their families too. Any parishioner who would like to take the pledge, even just for the duration of the Lenten Season, can leave their name in the Sacristy.

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