Pastor's Desk: Palm Sunday

Posted 27th March 2010 in Pastor's Desk

Welcome everyone as we begin Holy Week with the celebration of Palm and Passion Sunday. Speaking with parishioners this week they were telling me how the two events of Palm Sunday and Passion Sunday used to be celebrated on two different Sundays.  I must admit I have no memory of that myself but it does point up the fact that there are two aspects to our liturgy today. At the beginning of Mass we recall Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem in triumph. He was greeted by the masses of people with sung Hosannas and also with palm branches being laid before him. This must have been an exhilarating time for Jesus and his disciples as they feel the warmth of this reception. But then in a matter of days the mood changes and Jesus now finds himself alone with the crowds shouting for his death. Pontius Pilate, the Roman Governor of Judea, was only too willing to give the crowd what they wanted if that meant calm would be restored. Jesus is now dragged through the same streets to jeers and abuse until he arrives at Calvary, the place of his execution. Mary his mother was to experience the pain of standing at the foot of the cross as Jesus gave up his life.

The Holy Week Ceremonies are a time for us to reflect deeply on the life, death and ultimate resurrection of Jesus. I do hope you can join with us for the ceremonies as a lot of preparation has gone into them by the various groups of the parish. If you have not received a timetable card then there are spare ones at the doors of the church or you can download one here. By participating in the ceremonies we accompany Jesus and Mary on that painful journey that was to lead to our salvation. Many people today have their own painful journey to travel and we remember them in a special way in our prayers this week.

Let us follow the path of the Lord in the week ahead.

Fr. Eoin

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