Pastor's Desk: Divine Mercy Sunday

Posted 10th April 2010 in Pastor's Desk

Welcome everyone to our celebrations this Divine Mercy Sunday. Our Gospel today is the famous passage of the “doubting Thomas”. The apostles have assembled in the upper room and the Risen Lord Jesus appears to them. Thomas is not present for this encounter and declares boldly to the others the conditions on which he would believe; that he sees the holes made by the nails and puts his finger in the holes and into his side. The Risen Jesus appears to the apostles again and this time Thomas is there and Jesus invites him to do as he said he would. We have no indication that Thomas did do as he said he would but we do know his response to Jesus; “my Lord and my God”.

We all can have a great sympathy and indeed affinity with Thomas. We also have occasions of doubt in our faith. It may be because our prayer for a sick relative hasn’t been answered as prayed for; maybe marital troubles have beset our children despite our offering of novenas; the scandal of cover-up in our Church leadership has shaken our faith deeply. The reasons to doubt can be many and varied but the challenge of faith remains the same. We need to remind ourselves that even Jesus on the cross cried out, “Father, why have you forsaken me?” Our faith in the Risen Christ is not a protector or a solution to the problems of life but a firm support in the midst of them. Jesus knows what it is to carry a cross and he wishes to assist us in our own way of the cross.

The other thing that always strikes me about this Gospel passage is that Jesus’ first words to those who abandoned him in his hour of need are, “Peace be with you”. There is no recrimination, no highlighting of personal failures by Peter or any of the other apostles. This surely is Divine Mercy being experienced by the apostles and the Lord wishes that each one of us too would know what it is like to have Jesus say to each of us, “Peace be with you”.

Have a great week.
Fr. Eoin

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