Pastor's Desk: Holy Trinity Sunday

Posted 29th May 2010 in Pastor's Desk

Happy Feast Day!

Welcome everyone to our Masses on this, the Feast Day of the parish, Holy Trinity Sunday. This feast day is always a very special day for us as a parish as we celebrate the Most Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Spirit, to whose care our community of faith is entrusted. What we know of the Holy Trinity is revealed to us by Jesus in his preaching and teaching. He tells us very clearly that the Father, Son and Spirit are one. They are three persons, one God. What is more, the Holy Trinity wishes to share their divine life with each of us through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. By way of our Baptism and Confirmation we have been admitted into the internal life of Trinity as an individual but called to celebrate our life of faith in community. This is no surprise given that the Holy Trinity is a community itself of three persons open to others.

The generous volunteerism in our parish by so many people is truly remarkable. You will remember our Volunteering Sunday last October which produced 100 new volunteers on top of all who were already working in the parish. All of these people are sharing their talents and abilities for the good of the community and there can be no greater tribute to Holy Trinity than that generous giving by so many. It is also recognition by people that being a parish means everyone playing their role, lay people and priests. As the number of priests in the parish declines, it does not mean the life of the parish is declining. On the contrary we see greater energy and vitality as more and more people fulfil their baptismal calling to build up the community of faith. Long may that last.

At our 11.00am Mass today we will celebrate the sharing of gifts and abilities in our community with all the active groups represented as the leaves on a tree. We see a flourishing tree with vibrant foliage on branches that go in many directions. That is truly a symbol for our parish of the Holy Trinity. And just like the Most Holy Trinity, we are a community that is open to others and welcoming of them.

Have a great feast day and enjoy the week ahead.
Fr. Eoin

PS. Next Sunday is the Feast of Corpus Christi, the Body and Blood of Christ. We will have our Parish Corpus Christi Procession around the grounds of the church after the 12.30pm Family Mass. The procession will conclude with Benediction. It would be wonderful to have as many as possible of our First Communicants leading the procession on the day.

PPS. In preparation for the International Eucharistic Conference to be held in Dublin in 2012 (click here for more details) a special collection will be taken up at all Masses next Sunday in support of the Eucharistic Congress. This collection will replace the usual SHARE collection.

Weekday Evening Mass

I want to thank the many parishioners who enquired after Fr. Tom Colreavy after the announcement of his emergency surgery last Sunday and also wished me the best in my new role as Administrator pro tem of Ayrfield Parish in addition to my duties as parish priest here in Holy Trinity. Given that we do not know for how long this challenging arrangement will be in place, or the possibility of a replacement for Fr. Donald after he returns to South Africa in July, the Parish Team is left with no choice but to suspend indefinitely the 7.30pm Mass, Monday to Friday from the end of June onwards. Our current practice has been to suspend the Mass for the months of July and August only but unfortunately we will not be able to reinstate the Mass in September this year. Our 10.00am daily morning Mass will continue as usual. We thank you for your understanding.

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