Pastor's Desk: Sixth Sunday of Easter

Posted 8th May 2010 in Pastor's Desk

Welcome everyone to our celebrations on this 6th Sunday of Easter. Our readings from scripture are very encouraging today as we see the Risen Lord prepare the disciples for His departure from them. No more than before His death, Jesus is trying to enlighten His followers about what lies ahead. We saw at the time of Jesus’ passion and death that they did not listen to Him and were afraid. This time He reassures them they will not be alone because He will give them the gift of the Holy Spirit. Having just celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation in our Parish Friday week ago, the gift of the Holy Spirit is very much on our minds and in our prayers. We pray that each of us, and therefore as a Church, we will always be open to the promptings of the Spirit.

Our First Reading shows the Holy Spirit at work in the early church. There was a problem, and to solve it they convened the first Council of the Church in Jerusalem. The question was what Jewish traditions should be placed on the new converts who were gentiles or non-Jews? Through listening to the Spirit, the Church found its answer. May we always turn to the Spirit for the answers to the situations we face in our own lives today.

St. Francis of Assisi celebrates First Holy Communion

Today is a great day for the 12 boys and girls of second class in St. Francis of Assisi Primary School, Belmayne as they receive the Lord Jesus in Holy Communion at the 12.30pm Family Mass. Little did I think when I applied for a new Catholic School for the new developing areas of our parish 3 years ago, that it would have prepared its first pupils for First Eucharist so quickly in its existence. It only opened its doors in September 2008 and here we are already. It is a great day for the boys and girls, their families, the broader school community and indeed for the teachers and Principal. Our congratulations to them all and in particular to Mrs. Assumpta Kerins for the wonderful work she does in St. Francis of Assisi school. St. Kevin Junior School celebrate their First Eucharist next Saturday at 11.00am and we will remember them in our prayers this week.

Consultation re: Mass schedule

As announced last Sunday at Masses and in the newsletter, we will pass out at all Masses this weekend a survey re: reducing our Sunday Mass schedule for the months of July, August and September this year. We look forward to informing you of the result next week.

Priesthood Sunday

We thank you for your support of our seminarians last week. The annual collection came to €1345 and was very generously augmented by an anonymous donation of €1000 received during the week. Thank you one and all for your contribution.

Have a great week
Fr. Eoin

Please note morning Mass on Saturday 15th May and 22nd May will be at the earlier time of 9.30am to facilitate the celebration of First Holy Communion at 11.00am on both Saturdays.

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