National Day of Prayer

Posted 1st January 2011 in Announcements

The following is an excerpt from the Statement issued by the Irish Episcopal Conference at the conclusion of its December meeting regarding a Day of Prayer in the Irish Church for the needs of Ireland, North and South:

On 2nd January 2011, the first Sunday of the New Year, the Gospel of St John will proclaim that the ‘light has come into the world, the true light that gives light to everyone’, a light which the darkness has not overcome. We ask Parishes across the country, North and South, to dedicate this first Sunday of the New Year to prayer for the needs of our whole island at this time. We ask them to pray for politicians, civil servants, economists and those who order our commercial, economic and financial life that they will receive the wisdom and courage to build our economic future on the principles of justice, solidarity and the common good with a particular concern for the vulnerable and the poor. Christian leaders will be coming together to plan additional days of prayer across the island in the months ahead. We encourage the political community itself and all Irish citizens to rally the human, social, intellectual and spiritual resources of our country in a united effort to build our financial economy and ensure it achieves its human and social ends.

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