Pastor's Desk: 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted 15th January 2011 in Pastor's Desk

lambWelcome everyone, as we gather for the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time. The theme of our readings today is that of service of the Lord. We see in our first reading from the Prophet Isaiah, that Isaiah is called to be a witness for the Lord, not only to the people of Israel but to the world. In the Gospel John the Baptist explains that he is a witness to the fact that Jesus is the Lamb of God, the chosen one of God.

The phrase ‘Lamb of God’ is one that is very familiar to us and we can miss its deeper meaning. It was with the blood of a sacrificed lamb that each household indicated that they were for God when Moses led the people out from Egypt. That was a lamb of liberation and salvation. Jesus becomes the new Lamb of Sacrifice, the Lamb of God himself, and his blood will be poured out in the crucifixion for the liberation and salvation of the entire world.

Having reflected on our own baptismal calling last week we see this week that each of us has a calling from God to be His witness to others. As a parish community we need each other to play our part in building up the Kingdom of God. We do this by using the talents that God has given us for the benefit of the community. So let us see what the Lord is saying to us. If you are looking for something to reflect on during the Monday Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament you can do no better!

Fr. Eoin

Church Notices: 16th January 2011

  1. Due to the increasing cases of Swine Flu, we are forgoing the sign of peace during Mass. The priests will also decline to shake hands at the end of Mass. We would ask parishioners to please use the hand wash at the doors of the church on entering and leaving the church to help curtail the spread of the virus.
  2. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament will resume Monday (tomorrow), from 10.30am till 7.30pm. All are welcome.
  3. The week of prayer for Christian Unity begins on Tuesday next. There will be special prayers at all Masses during the week for that intention. There will be an interdenominational Service in the Church of John the Baptist (Church of Ireland) Clontarf, on Tuesday, 18th January at 8 p.m. The preacher will be Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
  4. Many families have already sent in their Christmas Dues and we are most grateful to them. Your dues offering can be placed in the special box at the top of the church near the sacristy door.
  5. There will be a meeting on Tuesday evening for the Confirmation Faith Friends beginning at 7.30pm in All Saints Chapel.
  6. The Irish Catholic and the January issue of The Sacred Heart Messenger are available in the Repository.
  7. Members of parish groups are asked to collect a letter after Mass from the Sacristy in relation to an important up coming meeting.

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