Pastor's Desk: Holy Trinity Sunday

Posted 18th June 2011 in Pastor's Desk

trinityHappy Feast day everyone!! Today is Holy Trinity Sunday and this parish is dedicated to the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The first thing to be said about the Holy Trinity is that everything we know about the Trinity has been revealed to us by Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God. It was Jesus who changed the relationship with God by speaking about the Father: the word he used was Abba. We have translated it as “Father” but it would more correct to use the word “Dad”. It expresses an intimate relationship of mutual love between the Father and the Son. That bond of love is the Third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit.

What is particularly amazing is that the intimate bond between the three is opened outwards to involve each of us who have been baptised and received the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Trinity is a community but not a closed community. The Trinity constantly invites new people to become one with them.

For us as a parish we can have no greater example of how to be a community of Faith. We are called to be open to new members and to make them feel completely at home among us. Over the years a great sense of community has been fostered in our parish and thank God, that still is the case today. At our Masses this Sunday we will have our Parish Tree on display. It consists of bare branches but the leaves will be made up of the names of the various groups who play a part in the life of our parish. Each group is made up of individuals who give up their free time and expertise to the group a success. And so we have the offering of one individual helping to make the tree flourish with abundant life just as it is in the life of the Most Holy Trinity.

Enjoy the feast day!
Fr. Eoin

Church Notices: 19th June 2011

  1. Those who have put their names down to travel on the special coach to the Diocesan Corpus Christi Procession in Clonliffe College should gather in the church car park at 6.15pm on Thursday Evening. The coach will depart at 6.30pm sharp. There are some places left if you would like to come along. Please sign up today.
  2. The Parish Corpus Christi Procession takes place next Sunday after the 12.30pm Mass. We invite the parents of all the First Communion Children to bring them to the 12.30pm Mass next Sunday dressed in their new outfits as it is the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ - Corpus Christi. They will be leading the Parish Corpus Christi Procession around the church grounds after Mass.
  3. Dublin will be hosting the next International Eucharistic Congress in 2012. A special collection will be taken up at all Masses next weekend to assist in meeting the costs involved. This special collection will replace the usual SHARE collection.
  4. The Annual Novena to the Sacred Heart begins on Thursday next and finishes on the feast-day - Friday 1st July. Copies of the Novena Prayer are available at the doors of the church.
  5. The Parish Pastoral Council will meet on Tuesday evening at 7.30pm in All Saints Chapel.
  6. The Annual Cemetery Mass will be celebrated in Fingal Cemetery today at 3.00pm. Ministers of the Eucharist are asked to assist at the Mass by presenting themselves to the celebrant at 2.45pm.

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