Pastor's Desk: Pentecost Sunday

Posted 11th June 2011 in Pastor's Desk

Today we celebrate the “birthday” of the church, Pentecost Sunday. It is referred to as the birthday of the church because we remember the day when the gift of the Holy Spirit was given to the apostles as Jesus had promised. The Spirit transformed the apostles from men who were demoralised and afraid of the Jews and the Romans into brave men who went out into the streets to tell all who would listen that Jesus the Nazarene was the Christ, the Messiah that God had promised to send.

The gift of the Spirit was not a unique experience to the apostles alone. Each one of us who have been Baptised and Confirmed has also received that same Spirit. The Spirit unites each one of us with Christ and the Father, while also uniting all of us who share the faith with one another. The Spirit leads us in life to the vocation that the Lord has earmarked for us if we are open to His guidance. So today is a very special celebration for each one of us.

To celebrate the way the Lord calls each of us to play our role in the church, at our Vigil Mass of Pentecost on Saturday we will Commission our Ministers of the Word for the coming year. As we hear in the readings of the mass, the apostles went out into the streets and could be understood by all who heard them no matter where they came from. The apostles proclaimed the Word. So that task falls to a new generation as our Ministers of the Word make the scriptures come alive for us when they proclaim the Word of God, the readings, at our Mass each day. We ask the Lord’s blessing on the ministers for the coming year and thank them for their generous service to the parish.

Have a great Day!
Fr. Eoin

Church Notices: 12th June 2011

  1. Next Sunday is Trinity Sunday and is the Parish Feast day. A special celebration of PARISH will take place at the 11.00am Mass. All are welcome.
  2. The Annual Cemetery Mass will be celebrated in St. Fintan’s Cemetery, Sutton and Old Balgriffin Cemetery today at 3.00pm. Next Sunday, the annual Fingal Cemetery Mass will be celebrated also at 3.00pm. Ministers of the Eucharist are asked to assist at the Mass by presenting themselves to the celebrant at 2.45pm
  3. The annual diocesan Corpus Christi procession will take place in Clonliffe College on Thursday 23rd June at 7.30pm. It would be nice if a large group from Holy Trinity travelled to walk in the Procession and so we are planning to have a special bus for the occasion. It will be necessary to book your place and there is a list at the back of the church for you to sign your name if you wish to take part. There will be no charge for the bus but it is essential that you put your name down.
  4. The morning Mass on Tuesday will be at the earlier time of 9.30am as Fr. Gary will be blessing the Autistic Unit in Scoil Cholmcille.
  5. The Helping Hand Parish Pilgrimage to Lourdes departed Saturday. Please keep them in your prayers.
  6. If any of our parishioners know of a very sick person who would like to travel to Lourdes with the Diocesan Pilgrimage in September, please contact the Parish Office. The Associate Membership to help with the financial cost of bringing the sick pilgrims on the Diocesan Pilgrimage continues this weekend. If you wish to make a donation and become an Associate Member please call to the table at the back of the church after Mass.
  7. The Local Conference of St. Vincent DePaul will be taking up their monthly gate collection after all Masses this weekend.

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