Pastor's Desk: 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted 8th October 2011 in Pastor's Desk

Welcome everyone. A theme running through our First Reading and the Gospel is that of a banquet. In both the Old and New Testament the image of a banquet was used as a metaphor for the Kingdom of Heaven. It is a beautiful image which evokes the thoughts of good company, good food and drink and a good and happy atmosphere. It is certainly a very inviting image.

And yet in the Gospel we hear that a group of people invited to the splendour of a royal wedding couldn’t be bothered to attend! The King in Jesus parable is furious and rightly so everything is prepared. So he sends out his servants to bring anyone they meet to the great feast. And what happens then? One of those newly invited guests is reprimanded by the King for not wearing a wedding garment and thrown out.

The message for Jesus time is quite clear; the Jewish people were the original invitees to the wedding feast, the Kingdom of God, but they wouldn’t live up to the challenge that invitation presents. The people offered the invitation instead are the Gentiles who enthusiastically listen to Jesus’ message.

The treatment of the guest without the garment seems strange but the message to us all is that yes, God is generous in offering his Kingdom to all but there is a standard to be reached. It is not good enough to be as half hearted as the original guests were. If we are, we will receive the same treatment and be thrown out of the banquet, God’s Kingdom. So let each of us check ourselves, so that we are worthy of a place in the Kingdom of God.

Have a great week
Fr. Eoin

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