Pastor's Desk: 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted 15th October 2011 in Pastor's Desk

Fr. Gary’s new appointment

I am sure everyone has heard that at Thursday’s 10.00am Mass Fr. Gary announced he has received a new appointment from Archbishop Diarmuid Martin as curate in St. Sylvester’s Parish, Malahide. It has all happened so quickly. As parishioners were told last Sunday, Fr. Gary and I attended the meeting of priests called by the Archbishop for Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Our thanks, by the way, to the Capuchin Friars who facilitated our attendance by celebrating Mass both mornings for us. On the Wednesday, while making our way into lunch the Archbishop called Fr. Gary over for a quick word and then immediately called myself to tell me the news. I was absolutely shocked. I told the Archbishop I hoped he was joking but unfortunately it was true.

In fairness to the Archbishop he apologised as he knew that the appointment was out of season. Most appointments are announced in the summer and we thought we had survived for another year. The necessity for these changes arose because a priest appointed during the summer has been diagnosed with a serious illness and cannot take up his appointment as PP. That parish has been vacant a few weeks now so to fill that parish involves moving two or three priests.

I have no details of a new curate at this time being sent to Holy Trinity Parish but will keep you posted. Now is the time for us to thank Fr. Gary for his ministry among us over the past four years. I, in particular, will miss his good humour and advice. We have been very much a working team over the years since I became parish priest. I pray that Fr. Gary will be happy in his new parish appointment and I know he will be missed greatly by the parish community as well.

Have a great week,
Fr. Eoin

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  1. Aquinas Duffy - October 15, 2011

    Best of luck to Gary in his new Appointment. That was a surprise

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