Pastor's Desk: 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted 21st January 2012 in Pastor's Desk

Welcome everyone to our Mass on the Third Sunday of Ordinary Time. We hear in our First Reading today about the reluctant Prophet, Jonah. He is the one who ends up in the stomach of the whale trying to flee the mission the Lord God has set before him. That mission was to preach to the people of Nineveh telling them to repent and change their lives. Interestingly, the Ninevites were not even members of the Jewish faith which is why Jonah was so reluctant. How many of us would feel comfortable and confident, calling on non-Christians to change their lives? Much to Jonah’s horror, the people of Nineveh heard his call and changed their ways and were spared from disaster. It is not often we see someone disgusted by their success!

In the Gospel then we see Jesus begin His preaching of the Good News with a call to repentance. We also hear how the first disciples were called from their lives of being fishermen. They left everything to proclaim the Kingdom of God. Mark’s account of their call is totally different from John’s last week but both emphasise the sacrifices that are part of being a disciple. Life doesn’t become rosy just because you follow Jesus.

We too are called to be disciples today and we pray we will be prepared for the challenges that will come our way.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

We are midway through our week of prayer for Christian Unity from the 18th-25th January and as we look around our society we see how much we have in common with our fellow believers in Jesus than with those of a secularist mind-set. Jesus prayed his followers would be one; let us make that our prayer too.

Have a great week,
Fr. Eoin

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