Pastor's Desk: Fifth Sunday of Lent

Posted 24th March 2012 in Pastor's Desk

Our Readings this Sunday reflect on the approaching Passion or suffering of Jesus. In the Gospel, Jesus shows His humanity as He debates with Himself what lies ahead and ponders should He pray that this cup should pass by without Him drinking it? The aggression towards Jesus is intensifying and there is only one way this will end. Jesus uses an image from nature to understand the suffering and death He is to go through, the image of the grain of wheat. Just as the grain of wheat must die so that the new life of the plant can flourish so it is with Jesus. He must go through the pain and suffering of the cross so that the new life of Salvation can be given to God’s faithful people.

We know this experience of having to die to ourselves so that the new “I” can be born from our own lives too. It starts at birth when we leave the comfort and safety of the womb to enter this new world, with all its dangers and yet, with so many new joys. As we grow up, we have similar experiences as we progress from one stage of development to the next on our road of maturing into adulthood and even in adulthood we face many changes such as when children come along, our parents go to their reward, we encounter sickness and finally our own death. In each of these moments there is a “dying” to our old selves so that a new life can begin.

In these last weeks of Lent we continue our observances so that we are ready for the new life offered to us by the Risen Christ at Easter.

Fr. Eoin

Our next guided prayer in preparation for the Eucharistic Congress is this coming Monday at 7.00pm and will conclude with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. All are welcome to come along.

Meetings this week: Parish Pastoral Council Tuesday at 7.30pm

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