Pastor's Desk: Palm Sunday

Posted 31st March 2012 in Pastor's Desk

We begin our Holy Week celebrations today with the blessing of Palm and the reading of the Passion of Jesus. The palm reminds us that Jesus was welcomed triumphantly into Jerusalem by the people. He was a celebrity and such was Jesus’ reputation that everyone wanted to welcome the Messiah into the Holy City. Then it all changed so fast. Led by the Pharisees, the religious leaders of the Jewish people, the people turned on Jesus and handed Him over to the Romans on the charge of blasphemy. Many people thought and wanted Jesus to be a political liberator to free them from the grasp of the Romans but when they heard Jesus’ message, they realised He was calling them to a new way of life, the call to holiness and freedom from sin.

This is the holiest week in the calendar of the Church and through our ceremonies we remind ourselves of the events that are central to our Faith. On Wednesday we have our Passover meal when we celebrate the liberation of the people of Israel from exile in Egypt just as Jesus did at the last supper with the Apostles. Jesus was to become the new Lamb of Sacrifice for the new Covenant. Holy Thursday we celebrate the Mass of the Last Supper remembering that the Eucharist is Jesus’ gift of Himself to us. That is why the Mass is central to our Faith. Good Friday is the day He died on the cross, a day of fasting from food and abstaining from meat in particular as we recall His sacrifice. Holy Saturday we wait at the tomb in sombre mood just like the apostles.

We look forward to celebrating the ceremonies with you this week. A reminder that we have our Penitential Service on Good Friday at 7.30pm when a number of visiting priests will be present to hear Confessions.

Fr. Eoin

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