Pastor's Desk: Second Sunday of Lent

Posted 3rd March 2012 in Pastor's Desk

Welcome everyone to Mass on this second Sunday of Lent. The readings today are quite a contrast; the Gospel tells us the story of the Transfiguration, that beautiful moment in time when Jesus was revealed in all his glory as the only Son of God. Our first reading from Genesis is quite a disturbing and distressing piece of scripture where we see God ask Abraham to sacrifice his only son Isaac. We are left asking how God could ask such a thing. The fact that God stops Abraham before he does any harm to the boy doesn’t dispel our dismay.

The intention of the passage is to show that God stopped short of asking Abraham to do something that He Himself would do in the person of Jesus Christ. God would give His Son Jesus over to sinful men to be the acceptable sacrifice on behalf of us all. In this season of Lent when we are making our own sacrifices we realise nothing asked of us compares to that suffered by Jesus on our behalf. In the beautiful Gospel text of the Transfiguration, Jesus is revealed in His glory before His closest apostles as a preparation for what lay ahead, His suffering and passion. Peter, the leader of the apostles gets it wrong again. He wants to build three tents and remain in this blissful experience. But the reality is we all must come down from the mountain, those moments of God’s closeness, and continue our journey in the valleys.

Fr. Eoin

The second of our Lenten Talks takes place this Wednesday at 7.30pm in the church when Maria Stanley Mohan will address “The challenges facing Christians in today’s society”. Do come along as we reflect on trying to be a person of faith today.

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