Pastor's Desk: Third Sunday of Lent

Posted 10th March 2012 in Pastor's Desk

It is hard to believe that the Ten Commandments were written some 3,500 years ago. Moses received the two tablets of stone which bore the Commandments from God and they have been the foundation of civilised society for Jews and Christians ever since. The beauty of the Commandments is their simplicity. In a clear way they emphasise the centrality of God in the lives of all who follow them and then they tell us to think of others and their needs rather than to suit ourselves.

Secular society today denies there is a supreme being such as God at all and therefore each person centres themselves not on God, but on themselves. What is good or bad is no longer decided externally but by how “I” feel about it. Likewise how I treat others is no longer dictated by morals agreed by all but by me and my happiness. The name given to this kind of thinking is “relativism” and it is something Pope Benedict has spoken about at length. Good and bad, right and wrong, are decided by how it is experienced relative to each individual, not by a moral code external to the individual.

The Ten Commandments are still the best moral code for Christian living and, as we examine our conscience this Lent, we should use them as a ruler to see how we measure up.

The Lenten Talks are being enjoyed very much by those who have attended them and the third of our series next Wednesday is with the well-known journalist and TV commentator, David Quinn. We are very privileged that our speakers have made themselves available to present their ideas to us. David will speak on a topic that is very much in the newspapers and on TV programmes at the moment, “the role and contribution of the church to society”. Do make sure to support the talks with your presence.

Fr. Eoin

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