Pastor's Desk: 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted 30th June 2012 in Pastor's Desk

cloakOur Gospel today is a powerful testimony to the need for faith in the midst of the troubles life throws at us. We hear today how the crowds were pressing round Jesus so that they or their loved ones could be healed by Him. We also hear about Jairus, a Temple official, whose daughter is very ill and Jesus wishes to go immediately to see her. While making His way through the crowd Jesus is aware that power has left Him and asks “who touched me” to the surrounding crowd. It seems a bit silly that Jesus asks this at first sight because there was no room for people to give Him space, they were cheek by jowl! But the point for Jesus was that power left Him because someone with a faith in His power to heal them has touched Him and he wants to meet this person of faith. The person who touched Him turns out to be a lady who has been suffering illness for twelve years despite the efforts of doctors.

Likewise news arrives that the daughter of Jairus has died and there is no need for Jesus to continue making His way to the house. Jesus says she is not dead and continues on His way. To the people at the House He reiterates she is not dead, and not surprisingly, they laugh at Him! We don’t read that too often in the scriptures. Jesus calls her from her sick bed and takes her hand and restores her to full health.

All of us are called to be people of faith. At the times when logic and reason fail us and deprive us of hope, we need to persevere in faith in Jesus. The Message of the Gospel is that it will be rewarded.

Fr. Eoin

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