Pastor's Desk: Holy Trinity Sunday

Posted 2nd June 2012 in Pastor's Desk

Today we celebrate our patronal feast day the feast of the most Holy Trinity. All knowledge we have about the Trinity has been revealed to us by Jesus in His preaching and teaching. We know that the Trinity existed before creation and with the incarnation of the Son, all of humanity entered a new relationship with the triune God. Because we have received the gift of the Holy Spirit we are able to use the word “Abba”, which translates as Daddy or Father, along with Jesus.

This intimate relationship with the divine is a total departure from the Jewish tradition that Jesus was raised in. in that tradition God was a distant God whose name could not be uttered. With Jesus’ revelation of the Trinity each one of us is brought into the community of God through the Holy Spirit. The Trinity is the model for all community life; a community of love, support and openness to others.

Our parish exemplifies that model in the way so many people contribute to the life of the parish through ministry, financial support and prayer. On our feast day we ask the Most Holy Trinity to continue to guide and protect us.

Gerard Reilly’s Ordination on Bank Holiday Monday

At last week’s 11.00am Mass Margie Kennedy, Chairperson of the Parish Pastoral Council on behalf of the parish, presented Gerard with a card and gift of Deacon Stoles for him to use in his parish ministry. It was a beautiful presentation witnessed by Gerard’s wife Beatrice, his father, brother and extended family and friends, and concluded with a very genuine, warm round of applause from the congregation. We look forward to Gerard’s Ministry in our parish after his ordination on Monday.

Fr. Eoin

P.S. I will remember your intentions at the Grotto in Lourdes during the week with the Parish Helping Hand Pilgrimage.

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