Pastor's Desk: 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted 7th July 2012 in Pastor's Desk

All of our Readings today speak about the difficulty of proclaiming God’s Word to people. In the First Reading from the Prophet Ezekiel we hear how he received his call from God. He was told that he was to preach what the Lord says “whether the people listen or not”. Then in the Gospel we see Jesus travel to His home town and preach in the synagogue. Rather than listen to the words He has for them, the local people are amazed at His wisdom and wonder where he got it from. “This is the carpenter surely” they reassure themselves. The people put sufficient blocks in the way so that Jesus is amazed at their lack of faith.

We see this kind of prejudice in our own time too. If the local boy or girl does well in life, there is always someone to remind us of their previous failings and why they are not as great as people think. It can be our own attitude too, when we are quick to add the negative comment about others be they members of our family, community or parish!

The answer is to be humble and listen to others without prejudice or our own agenda. In that way we can take their positive contribution for what it is without always seeking to pull them down.

Fr. Eoin

PS. Next Sunday will be the last edition of Trinity Weekly till the beginning of September. If you have anything on in August you want mentioned please get in touch with the Parish Office before Thursday.

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