Pastor's Desk: 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted 14th July 2012 in Pastor's Desk

You have to pity poor Amos in our First Reading today. He lived in the southern Jewish state of Judah (needless to say, there was bitter rivalry between Judah and the Northern Jewish State of Israel) and earned his living as a shepherd and carer of sycamores. This simple and happy life was changed when the Lord called Amos to be a prophet, not to his own people in Judah, but to the people of Israel! Amos answered the Lord’s call but didn’t have an easy time of it. He met indifference and hostility as we can see.

disciplesThe Gospel then tells the story of Jesus sending out His disciples in pairs to preach on His behalf. How exciting and terrifying it must have been for them. They hadn’t done much by way of preparation for this mission. No seminars on public speaking or how to market your message to your listeners! No, they were ordinary men from different backgrounds now taking on a task none of them ever envisaged. Amazingly they met with success, we are told, in that they proclaimed the Kingdom of God and anointed the sick with oil and they were cured.

The disciples are still being sent today and you are one of them. Your proclaiming of the Kingdom is done by the witness of your own commitment to the faith and also by teaching your children about our faith.

Fr. Eoin

PS. This is the last Pastor’s Desk and Trinity Weekly till the beginning of September. I want to thank Clare in the Parish Office for the care and time she puts into preparing the newsletter each week, and Gerard who maintains the parish website.

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