Pastor's Desk: 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted 8th September 2012 in Pastor's Desk

Welcome all on this All Ireland Hurling Final Day and a special word of welcome to anyone who has travelled up from Kilkenny or Galway for the match today and joins us for Mass. We hope for a thrilling encounter between these two great teams and all the best to Dublin in the Minor game against Tipperary!

Ephphatha - Be Opened

A friend of mine is chaplain to the deaf community here in Dublin and he recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of his ordination. As part of the celebrations the deaf community organised a Céilí in his honour. Through the vibrations of everyone dancing, everyone could take part. It was a great night. The deaf world is not as limited as we think.

Our Gospel today tells us of the healing power of Jesus when He opens the mouth and ears of the deaf man with the impediment in his speech. After He has prayed, Jesus uses the word “Ephphatha”, which means, “be opened”. Anyone who has been at a Baptism recently will remember that the Ephphatha prayer is part of the ceremony. The priest blesses the mouth and ears of the infant so that they will be ready to hear the Word of God throughout their lives and also to offer God praise and thanksgiving for His many blessings. Each of us has received this special blessing as we began our journey of faith. The question is; are we hearing the Word of God and acting on it? Sometimes we can be deaf to the demands of the Gospel. Katy Taylor impressed us all with her forthright declaration of her faith in Jesus. Do we use our power of speech to promote our faith or do we go dumb?

Fr. Eoin

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