Pastor's Desk: 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted 22nd September 2012 in Pastor's Desk

Welcome everyone and a special welcome to any visitors from Donegal or Mayo who join us as they prepare to attend the All Ireland Football Final on Sunday afternoon. I hope we all have a very exciting and enjoyable game and may the best team win (on the day!).

Our readings today speak to us about ambition. It can be a force for achieving good or it can be destructive. In our First Reading we see the negative side of ambition; those with no faith are affronted by people who sincerely practice their beliefs in their daily lives, so much so they intend to target them and bully them with physical violence and intimidation.

In contrast, Jesus rebukes his disciples because they were arguing about which one of them in the group was the greatest. Jesus brings before them a child and says you must be like a child. Children in those days had no rights and were treated little better than servants. For Jesus to suggest they be like children would have been puzzling. Jesus is looking for servant leaders; people who don’t lord it over others but put themselves at the service of others. It is a concept we need to constantly keep before our own minds today as we try to be his followers. Humble service is called for, not ambitious titles and positions.

Fr. Eoin

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