Pastor's Desk: 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted 27th October 2012 in Pastor's Desk

In place of the Pastor’s Desk this week, we include the following extract from the Intercom Magazine:

The Deep End - Following Bartimaeus

In today’s Gospel we hear about Jesus’ healing of Bartimaeus. What is remarkable about this story is the courage of Bartimaeus and his expectant faith. We pray for those who are on the margins of society and those who are suffering. Some of the crowd attempt to silence Bartimaeus. We pray for those who persecute others. We pray for those whose voices cannot be heard. Bartimaeus calls out louder because he has the kind of faith that speaks up and acts up. If Bartimaeus had believed quietly in Jesus, he would not have been noticed. We pray for those who are persistent in their faith and in their actions for healing and justice regardless of the consequences. Some of the crowd encourage Bartimaeus telling him to have courage and get up. We pray for those who work on the fringes of society, whose eyes and ears have been opened to the voiceless. Jesus asks ‘what do you want me to do for you?’ We pray that we may have the courage to ask God for what we need no matter how impossible it may seem. Bartimaeus wants to see. We pray that we may all have our eyes opened to the realities of the world around us, that we too may take courage and ‘get up’. We pray for those who do not want to have their eyes opened because they are afraid. Bartimaeus’ healing is immediate and he follows Jesus on the way. We pray that we may receive the same insight as Bartimaeus so that we can follow Jesus on ‘the way’.

Jane Mellett

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