Pastor's Desk: Feast of Christ the King

Posted 24th November 2012 in Pastor's Desk

Today is the last Sunday of the Church’s liturgical year and we gather to celebrate this great feast of Christ the King. The Church wants us to reflect upon what the whole of all creation is ultimately about. Our Faith tells us that Christ will return to establish the Kingdom of God and when that time comes, the world as we know it will be transformed. This is not something to be feared but rather something we long for because it means the complete fulfilment of God’s will.

kingFor us today the meaning of the feast day maybe a little less clear than it was some centuries ago when there were many kingdoms in the world, each ruled by a monarch with total authority over the lives of the people who lived there. The people were called “Subjects” because they were subject to the will of their King. Today, such monarchs no longer exist as all Kings and Queens today are Heads of State in democracies and so are pretty much figureheads. For Catholics of a few centuries ago, the image of Christ the King would have been a very real and easy concept to understand; it would be the time when Christ would surpass even their own earthly King and reign forever over their lives.

What we have to remember is that victory will be for the Lamb of God, the one we celebrate today as Christ the King.

Sign of Peace

The Parish Pastoral Council at its meeting on Tuesday evening considered a request from a parishioner that the Sign of Peace during Mass be discontinued for the winter months. There are a number of parishioners whose poor health leaves them vulnerable to the slightest infection. After careful consideration, the PPC decided that this was a reasonable idea and so from today we will forgo the Sign of Peace until the spring.

Fr. Eoin

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