Pastor's Desk: 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted 2nd February 2013 in Pastor's Desk

Welcome everyone. The Gospel today is a continuation of last week’s where Jesus read out the Prophet Isaiah and won the admiration of his neighbours in the synagogue of Nazareth. This week we see that the prevailing goodwill towards Jesus doesn’t last very long. The people turn on him and Jesus has the experience of all the prophets, being rejected by his own people.

For the people, Jesus was the son of the carpenter Joseph and they weren’t going to let him get ideas above his station. It is an attitude that we all succumb to at some stage of our lives. Resenting the good fortune or personal giftedness of others means we are not accepting them for the person God has created them to be. The challenge is to love others as God does. St. Paul writes in our second reading today that the most important characteristic of a Christian is to be a person of love. In our modern day world, crudeness, bitterness and cynicism are treated as characteristics to be proud of; the Gospel says different.

Novena of Grace 4th-12th March

The PPC has organised a number of preachers for the Novena of Grace in honour of St. Francis Xavier for next month. As part of our Year of Faith celebrations, there will a special Novena Mass from 4th-12th March. The Novena Mass will be at 7.30pm on weekdays, at 6.30pm on Saturday and 11.00am on Sunday. Confirmed preachers are Fr. Bernard Mc Guckian SJ; Fr. Bryan Shortall OFM Cap; Fr. Kieran McDermott Vicar for Evangelisation; Mr John Waters of the Irish Times; Fr. Dan Joe O’Mahony OFM Cap; and Archbishop Charles Brown, Papal Nuncio to Ireland. To complete the Novena you are expected to say the Novena Prayer to St. Francis Xavier and attend the Novena Mass each day. Please make sure to note the dates and offer the Novena for your intentions those nine days.

Fr. Eoin

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