Pastor's Desk: Second Sunday of Lent

Posted 23rd February 2013 in Pastor's Desk

Welcome everyone to Mass for the Second Sunday of Lent. The Gospel text today tells us of the Transfiguration experienced by Jesus in the presence of Peter, John & James. This epiphany, revealing of Jesus’ glory as the only Son of God, is given to support Jesus in His ministry despite the trials he experiences and also to lift the hearts of the Apostles in their following of Jesus.

Each one of us has occasions when we have felt the closeness of God; maybe in the birth of a child, admiring God’s creation in daybreak or sunset or in deep moments of prayer. Like the Transfiguration, these moments are given to us to sustain us in our living out of our faith. Let us pray for God’s closeness to us in our lives and give thanks for the occasions we have felt that closeness in the past.

Fr. Eoin

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