Pastor's Desk: Easter Sunday

Posted 30th March 2013 in Pastor's Desk

EasterWelcome everyone and a very Happy Easter to you all! Today we celebrate the definitive event of our faith, the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. It is definitive because it was the act by Jesus, bar none, which showed Him to be the Son of God. For the apostles and disciples it took a while for the reality to sink in. They had been dispersed in fear when Jesus was arrested. Now the women are the only ones brave enough to venture to where His dead body was placed. Even then, they go to Him so that they can give him a fitting burial, not in order to witness the resurrection. What effect did the resurrection have on the early church?

Well for one thing it caused the release of great joy in their lives. Deep sadness had been turned into unbridled happiness at the news Jesus was not dead. It also rekindled hope. From what looked like the dying embers of a fire, a gush of hope caused bright new flames to appear in their hearts. The apostles would come out of their hiding to share that joy and hope with the world and they found a world eager to receive this gift.

Pope Francis has celebrated his first Holy Week as Supreme Pontiff but even in the 18 days since his election his ministry has reminded us that we too need to bring the joy and hope of our faith in Jesus out into the world and not hide away in fear. In those 18 days, Pope Francis has personified an apostle reinvigorated with the joy and hope of the resurrection of Jesus. He has done it in the most simple of ways; the way he treats others, the way he views himself, and the deep commitment to Jesus at the centre of his being.

Let us follow Pope Francis in venturing out to our community sharing the joy and hope of Jesus Christ, risen from the dead.

Happy Easter,
Fr. Eoin

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