Pastor's Desk: Fourth Sunday of Lent

Posted 9th March 2013 in Pastor's Desk

Welcome everyone and a particularly warm welcome to the mothers and grandmothers in our congregation this morning as today is Mother’s Day! I hope you all have a great day and enjoy what I am sure is a rare opportunity to put your feet up and be pampered!! Happy Mother’s Day!

How is your Novena going? As I write, we have just celebrated the fourth night of the Novena of Grace with Archbishop Charles Brown, the Apostolic Nuncio to Ireland. It was a wonderful evening especially with the opportunity for so many people to meet him afterwards during the cup of tea. The Archbishop certainly made an impression on us all with his warm personality and relaxed manner. The evening built on the wonderful atmosphere that Fr. Bernard McGuckian set for us over the first three nights. The turnout for each Novena Mass has been really heart-warming and encouraging and is a great credit to the work of the Parish Pastoral Council in suggesting and organising the Novena of Grace. We ask the Lord to continue to bless us over the remaining days of our prayerful journey.

The Prodigal SonThe Gospel this Sunday is the story of the Prodigal Son and is probably Jesus’ greatest parable showing us the love and forgiveness that God has for those who turn their lives around. Despite all that the younger son had done, his greed, selfishness, squandering of his father’s hard-earned money, we see the father meet his son half way on his road back home. In this Lenten season we too are asked to reflect on our lives and turn it around from mediocrity to a life lived in Faith. We pray for that Grace this week.

Finally, as I write, there is still no date for the Conclave but by the time you read this we should have an indication of when the Cardinals will enter the Sistine Chapel to begin the Conclave. The word itself means, “With Key” in Italian and is a reminder that the Cardinals are locked away from the all outside influences so that they can better hear the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Let us add our prayers for them in this most challenging decision.

Fr. Eoin

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