Pastor's Desk: Vocations Sunday

Posted 20th April 2013 in Pastor's Desk

signpost-yofWelcome everyone. Today the Church worldwide celebrates Vocations Sunday and it is an opportunity for all of us to reflect upon the fact that through Baptism, we each have been given a role by God in building up His Church. We do this by offering our service to the Community of Faith in whatever way we can through our voluntary activity. Holy Trinity Parish is very fortunate to have so many people willing to share their gifts and time in a variety of Ministries in our parish, but we can never become complacent. For example, last year we had 44 funerals for the 12 month period; this year, as of my writing this piece, we have had 21 funerals. The call for people to offer themselves anew is always with us and those who have gone before us need to be replaced if what they have worked for is to be achieved.

As well as volunteering in the Parish, many in our community are called to be parents and to raise children in the Faith. This is a very real challenge in our modern age and the support of other like-minded people can be a great boost. Parents have the privilege of introducing the person of Jesus Christ to their children. By their own example, parents can pass on a faith that is inspiring and uplifting and one that will weather the challenges that life throws up.

I am delighted that our own seminarian, Michael Byrne, will be available to join us at two of our Masses this Sunday and share something of his own story as he discerns a call to priesthood in our diocese of Dublin. During all the Masses today, the annual collection for our Dublin seminarians will be taken up and will replace the usual SHARE collection. Do be as generous as you can in supporting Michael and the other men. What is very apparent is that the ministry of a priest is vital to the community of faith. If there are no priests there can be no celebration of the Mass or the sacraments.

Let us pray this weekend that all of us will answer the demands the call of the Lord makes of us and that those called to the ordained ministries of Priesthood or the Permanent Diaconate will be generous in their response.

Fr. Eoin

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