Pastor's Desk: Corpus Christi Sunday

Posted 1st June 2013 in Pastor's Desk

Corpus ChristiWelcome everyone. I write these few words while on the Parish pilgrimage to Lourdes and while I would love to say we are suffering a tropical heatwave the reality is unfortunately very different. Lourdes is as beautiful as always but the weather has been atrocious. Despite the heavy rain, we are managing to get everything done with good humour and a sense of purpose. Your intentions will be remembered when we light the large candle at the grotto. Follow our progress on Twitter.

Our feast day this Sunday is Corpus Christi or the Body and Blood of Christ. It is one of the most important feast days in our church calendar as it commemorates the fact that Jesus gave us His body and blood to eat and drink during the Last Supper and this gift of Himself is remembered at every celebration of the Mass. Pope Francis has requested that every parish throughout the world would have a period of Eucharistic adoration on this Sunday and we here in Holy Trinity Parish are happy to join in with our parish Corpus Christi procession around the grounds of the church followed by Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. If you have attended one of the earlier Masses this Sunday but would like to participate in the Eucharistic devotion as requested by our Holy Father, please join us at the end of the 12.30 Family Mass (about 1.00pm) for the beginning of the procession. As the prayer at Mass says; “May the Body and Blood of Christ bring us all to everlasting life.” Amen.

Fr. Eoin

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