Pastor's Desk: 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted 21st September 2013 in Pastor's Desk

Welcome everyone and a very special welcome to any visitors among us this weekend who are up for the big match, the All Ireland Football Final between Dublin and Mayo.

Our readings this Sunday call on all of us to have a detachment from material things, in particular to have a detachment from money. Many in our community would say that this is not a problem for them as they don’t have sufficient money to become attached to and that is the truth for a lot of people. But Jesus warns against a situation where the pursuit of money becomes the be all and end all. It ends up consuming us and leads to the breakdown of human relationships. One time in a previous appointment I officiated at the funeral of a man who 40 years previously inherited the family farm from his father and promptly sold it and moved to Dublin. That would be fine in itself but his mother and siblings were still alive and became estranged from him as a result of that decision. Sometimes we choose wealth ahead of everything else, even family.

Money is necessary for our modern lives but we cannot allow it to dominate us and have us at its service rather than the other way around.

crosscareToday we have an opportunity to use our money in a very effective way for the benefit of others with the annual collection for CROSSCARE which will be taken up at all Masses today. Crosscare is the social care agency of the diocese and reaches out and supports those who have fallen foul of the recession we are living through. Please be as generous as you can in supporting the second collection at our Mass for CROSSCARE which replaces the usual SHARE collection.

Finally, I do hope you enjoy the match between Dublin and Mayo. Needless to say I am hoping for a great game and a Dublin win!

Fr. Eoin

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