Pastor's Desk: 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted 28th September 2013 in Pastor's Desk

Welcome everyone. The Gospel today is a reminder to us all about the fleeting nature of wealth. We probably have learnt that lesson quite severely with the economic downturn. Jesus gives us today the parable of the rich man and Lazarus.

lazarusLazarus had been begging at the gate of the rich man’s house until the time of his death, and the rich man also died. Lazarus is comforted in heaven and the rich man is sent to Sheol, the place of the dead. The rich man, tradition calls him Dives, wants to warn his brothers to change their ways and avoid coming to Sheol. He wants to go back from the dead and tell them. Abraham reminds him that they have the Ten Commandments, the scriptures and the Jewish Law to guide them on their way through life so how will someone from the dead help!

The passage reminds all of us that wealth can be a powerful force in our lives and can have good or bad consequences. When we use our wealth to help others and see it as not solely for our pleasure then it can be a force for good. When it dominates our lives, it blinds us to the needs of others and becomes a negative force.

Jesus wants each of us to examine our attitude to wealth and how we care for those around us.

Have a great week.
Fr. Eoin

PS. Our 12.30pm Family Mass this Sunday is the annual Mass for the Blessing of the New School Year. Members of the school communities in our Parish will participate in the Mass. Please remember our pupils, their families, our teachers, school staff, Boards of Management and Principals in your prayers this year.

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