Pastor's Desk: 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted 9th November 2013 in Pastor's Desk

Welcome everyone. Our readings this Sunday reflect the fact that we are fast approaching the end of the Liturgical year and deal with the “Last Things”, or our understanding of the next life. The Sadducees were being very cynical in their questioning of Jesus because they do not believe in the resurrection of the body. They want to know if woman marries a man and he dies before they have children and then marries his brother, as the tradition of Moses suggests, and he also dies, then to whom is the woman a wife in the next life?

They were probably very proud of themselves thinking they had caught Jesus out, and anyone else who believed in resurrection after death. But Jesus has an answer for them. Heaven is different from our earthly existence and relationships are therefore different in Heaven. There is no need to take wives or husbands in eternal life.

In this month of November the church reflects on our mortality and calls to mind our loved ones who have gone before us to the Lord. The church doesn’t do this to be morbid or sad but because it is a very human thing to remember our dead and to reflect on their New Life in Christ that He has promised to all believers.

On Friday we had our annual Mass for those who died in the last twelve months and it was a beautiful celebration to their memory and of prayerful support for their families who grieve their loss. We will continue to remember the Holy Souls for the rest of the month and ask their intercession for our needs. May they rest in peace.
Fr. Eoin

PS. On Thursday we celebrate the feast of St Laurence O’Toole, patron saint of the diocese of Dublin. Archbishop Martin will celebrate Mass in the Pro Cathedral at 11.00am during which he will ordain a Dublin seminarian to the Diaconate. Two representatives are invited from each parish. If you would like to represent Holy Trinity Parish on Thursday please leave your name into the Parish Office by Tuesday.

Crosscare Youth Services

This week we have a Letter from Archbishop Diarmuid Martin in relation to this Sunday’s special collection for Crosscare Youth Services, formerly Catholic Youth Care (CYC), giving some insight into the invaluable work they do and asking for our support.

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