Pastor's Desk: 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted 16th November 2013 in Pastor's Desk

The Philippines & Syria

Welcome everyone. This Sunday’s readings continue the theme of what will happen at the end of days. Jesus is anxious that his followers keep focused on the right signs and not be led astray.

Our diocese is also anxious that we keep a focus on living the Gospel values of being at the service of others. Today at our Masses, a special collection is being taken up to support the humanitarian aid required in two devastated areas of the world, the Philippines after the typhoon and war-torn Syria. Please be as generous as you can to this collection which replaces the usual SHARE collection.

New Diocesan Initiative

foodbankCloser to home, demand for basic food items from the Crosscare Food Bank now exceeds supply. Last week, the Food Bank had requests for food from 120 individuals and families in one community food bank. They were only in a position to give parcels to 40. Demand has grown to such an extent, that by the end of 2013, the Food Bank will have distributed 750 tonnes of food. The figure for 2012 was 500 tonnes. They need urgent help with food supplies or more people could be turned away in the coming weeks. Crosscare supplies food directly to those who need it and to 10 charities working to help those marginalised, excluded and living in poverty, including the St. Vincent de Paul. On the Feast day of St. Laurence O’Toole on Thursday, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin launched a Diocesan-Crosscare Food Appeal to run over the four Sundays of Advent. Each parish is asked to promote this appeal over the next two weeks with a view to starting collections on the first Sunday of Advent. Parishioners are asked to donate supplies of essential non-perishable goods. Types of food urgently needed include pasta/rice, fruit juice, tea/coffee, soup, sugar, powdered milk, tinned meat/fish, tinned veg/fruit, packaged desserts, biscuits and hygiene products.

Please do what you can to support those most in need in our communities at this difficult time for so many. We will accept food donations from parishioners from the 1st December onwards for this diocesan appeal. Please support this campaign.

Fr. Eoin

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