Pastor's Desk: 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted 15th February 2014 in Pastor's Desk

Welcome everyone. I hope you all came through the recent storms unscathed? Unfortunately, the church was not so lucky. We have lost 12 slates from the roof but thankfully they are individual slates rather than a cluster in one spot being exposed. Also our billboards on the front lawn of the church advertising the upcoming Novena of Grace were blown down. I write this on Thursday with the Met Office forecasting another storm for Friday so hopefully we won’t suffer further blows! Stay safe everyone.

This Sunday is ACCORD Sunday in the diocese and the annual collection in support of the diocesan organisation will be taken up at all Masses. You can read the Archbishop’s letter about ACCORD here. Please be as generous as you can.

giftThe Gospel today is a continuation of the Sermon on the Mount and Jesus sets out His teaching very clearly on a number of matters such as the meaning of true forgiveness, disputes between people, infidelity in relationships, marriage and the swearing of oaths. Jesus is very clear in saying that He is not looking for lip service from His followers but a changed heart capable of putting His teaching into practice. He wants ACTION. When we hear the Gospel we realise that living this Faith is challenging. It is not about appearing to be good but actually living our lives in accordance with the values of the Gospel. Today’s Gospel will sound harsh to our modern ears. We will see situations from our family and community life echoed in its verses. The number of murders even since the beginning of this year is frightening. They all start as rows and Jesus tells us how to stop the anger progressing to that point. The pervasive nature of porn in our society is distorting our understanding of relationships, particularly for our young people as recent surveys have shown. The message of this Gospel still has relevance for us today and is as challenging now as it was when first preached by Jesus, if not more.

Fr. Eoin

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