Pastor's Desk: Fourth Sunday of Lent

Posted 29th March 2014 in Pastor's Desk

A Blessing Prayer for Mothers Day

God of Love, listen to this Blessing Prayer.
God of Holy Women, of Sarah, Ruth and Rebecca;
God of Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist;
Of Mary, mother of Jesus;
Bend down Your ear to this request
And bless the mothers of our families.

Bless them with the strength of Your Spirit;
They who have taught their children
How to stand and how to walk.

Bless them with the melody of Your love,
They who have shared how to speak,
How to sing and how to pray to You.

Bless them with a place at Your Eternal Dinner Table,
They who have fed and nurtured the life
that was formed within them
While still helpless but embraced in their love.

Bless them today, now, in this lifetime,
with good things; with health, joy, love, laughter
and pride in their children.
Surround them with many good friends.

May they who carried life in their womb,
be carried one day to Your Divine Embrace;
there for all eternity, to rejoice with their family and friends,

This blessing, and all graces, we pray,
descend upon the mothers of this community;
In the name of the Father,and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit.


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